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Not sure if you are right for Travel?  Don’t worry, we are here to help you make the right decision.  No pressure, just the details about life as a traveler.

Need Support?

You are not alone.  Our community of over 25,000 traveling healthcare professionals typically has the answer.  If not, call us and we will find someone who can help!


If you are not finding the answer to your question, call us.  We have access to thousands of healthcare professionals who have already crossed most of the bridges.  Challenge us, we love to get questions we haven’t had before!


Don’t get frustrated here.  Requirements are different at almost every hospital.  We say get everything you can gathered together so that you are ready for even the most stringent requirements.  If you email us, we will send you the most updated list of what we recommend to start your journey

What do you gain as a Traveler?

More Money.

This is the number one reason Healthcare Professionals give for considering travel.  Most of the people we speak to have worked alongside a traveler at the facility where they work, and that traveler has communicated details about their pay package.  Traveling Healthcare professionals can make as much as double the amount that a staff professional will make as a direct employee of the hospital.  The extra pay is for emergency staff relief and is associated with inconvenience and extra expenses like housing and meals and incidentals that the traveler needs being away from their home.  Many travelers use the boost in income to help pay off student loans and ultimately improve overall financial stability.

Location, Location, Location.

This is a very big country, and depending on when you do an online search, there are more than 6,500 hospitals nationwide.  All of these locations have used travelers at one time or another and that allows for some really great travel opportunities.  It is very important to keep in mind that ‘one time or another’ aspect, because today there may not be a job at a hospital, but tomorrow is an entirely different story.  There are great experiences to be had no matter where a traveler visits, so instead of waiting until you are retired to travel the country in an RV, why not get paid while visiting great locations and meeting new friends.


Healthcare professionals gain the majority of their knowledge by working with others – this is a fact.  The more colleagues that one works alongside during their career is a direct positive correlation to the overall knowledge that one has in relation to their specialty.  This resume building aspect of Travel Healthcare is extremely important for future career growth and opportunities.  Travelers who hang up their traveling shoes after a number of years working in various different hospitals find that the experience earned while on assignment is extremely valuable.  Ultimately that enhanced resume opens doors that simply would not be available without the experience.