You have jobs and we want to hear about them.

Contact us to discuss our industry leading job package.  Yes, that’s right, job package.  We only have one.  It’s unlimited and we will teach you how to use our system.  Our employers are able to do in seconds what other sites require hours.  Healthcare jobs are all very similar, and we know this.  An RN for ICU in Seattle is the same as an RN for ICU in Atlanta, so why should you have to spend valuable time entering a job description that quite frankly does not change.  Once you start using our site, you will cancel all of your other sources.

You need travelers, not local specific perm candidates.

No we haven’t completely figured this out, but we are much closer than anyone else.  Our candidates are inundated with the word “travel” and the concept that it entails.  Our goal is to present you with the most accurate candidates that we can and every day we are modifying our process to improve our applicants to your jobs.

You have jobs, but nobody is applying to your locations.

This is normal.  The internet has made job searching an art.  Though it may seem as though a job seeker can enter in a job title and a location in order to see all the jobs that are available, this is just not the case.  The dynamics that happen behind the curtain of search engines can unintentionally prevent job seekers from finding a job that may be available exactly where they are searching.  That is why databases exist.  We have compiled information on thousands of Traveling Healthcare professionals over the past decade and we can offer additional resources to you if you are not getting the results you want from your current job postings.  Contact us directly and we can usually offer additional services.

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